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About The Advantages Of Qing Shan Sealing

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Xingtai Qingshan(STO) Sealing Co., Ltd, specialized in producing other rubber sealing products since 1996, located in Xingtai city, the largest sealing products based in China

Qingshan Sealing (STO) Co., Ltd,  is a ISO 9001:2008 certified factory, and well known among our customers for excellent quality, product availability and very competitive prices. We are currently selling to 40 countries across the world.

STO has a dedicated R&D team, not only do design, develop on our own but also follow up well with customer’s requirements

-All STO products meet ISO9001 requirements.

-STO will constantly install new automated equipment, to reach our goal of improving both proficiency and quality.

-STO will review regularly and keep improving the environmental management system.

-Natural wear-resistant sealing ring customization

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Our Aim: 

Supply good performance goods to customers;

Follow environmental laws & regulations to preserve the earth.                               

Skeleton oil seal / Strong tightness

Professional production for 25 years

Waterproof and high-temperature resistant

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